a relaxed-loving, happy family who just so happens to be in love

This is us!


My name is Maria Aguilar and I am a photographer, a wife and mom to three handsome boys(ages 12,8, & 7). My husband and I met fourteen years ago in San Angelo, Tx and got married shortly after. This was just the beginning of an amazing journey together, full of surprises and exciting adventures! We’ve traveled the world to more than 10 countries and have experienced different cultures and traditions. 

I started my photography business six years ago while living in Germany. As a mom it’s important for me to capture real life moments for my children. I print the captured images of our memories and put them in our family albums. I love seeing the faces of our boys when they flip through the pages and all the questions they ask as we travel down memory lane. The memories captured bring us joy and reminds us of little details we no longer remember, and that is why I do what I do and I want to do the same for you!