Hey, I'm Maria Aguilar, photographer, wife and mom of three handsome boys. I know you want to hold every minute of their childhood. You wish you could freeze time so they don't grow up so fast. You want to explore the world through their eyes, forever. 

Parenthood is precious and hard all at the same time, but we wouldn't change it for the world. While our memories may get blurrier with time we have photos to remind us of all the lovely memories and moments we've shared. 

Precious Family Moments That You'll Cherish Forever

Family photography sessions in Ramstein Germany

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We're in a constant race with time, trying to document their first smile, first words, first steps, first giggle. those moments are priceless.



Pregnancy is a magical celebration of life and body transformation. Capture the journey.

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Document the uniqueness, relationship and connection of your family.  


Remember the tiny details of your little one. The hair, feet, hands and rolls.


Great for capturing a child's personality, milestones and birthday